Safety is our top priority

What to expect on site


We always check in with the site manager to register that we have arrived on site and confirm what the procedure is for any site inductions required, we will pass on contact details or 2-way radios to allow us to liaise with the site manager in the unlikely event of an emergency,.

We hold a valid CSCS Card and carry our own first aid kits, fire extinguisher & fire blankets. All our staff will have hard hats, high viz vests/jackets, safety glasses and safety boots. We will check with the site manager if there are any other site specific safety requirements that we may need to adhere to.

Health & Safety


We will discuss with the site manager a suitable location for us to set up our take off and landing site. This area will be cordoned off with warning cones and signs to notify others on the site that an aerial survey will be taking place, once we are happy that there are no structures or obstacles within the survey area, we will contact Police Scotland to inform them we will be carrying out an aerial survey and provide them with the location of the site. If there are any airports close by we will also inform ATC, doing so makes for a safer aerial survey and makes other air users aware of your location. Once the survey has been completed, we will also notify all parties that we are finished for the day.

On site will be a minimum of one drone operator and one visual observer, our visual observers are there to approach any one who tries to enter the designated take and landing site and advise them that an aerial survey is taking place, this stops any unnecessary distractions to the drone operator whilst in the air carrying out the aerial survey. While on site we always make sure to wear the correct PPE for the right circumstances.

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