Provided in partnership with Scott Rafferty Architectural Drawing Services

Location & Block Plans

We can provide as-built drawings, HMOs, location plans, block plans, planning permissions, building  warrants, boundary disputes, and more. We have a unique connection with the industry, with more than 15 years experience. All plan are annotated with a North arrow, scale bar and O/S License Number

Planning Permission
& Building Warrants

New builds, extensions, conversions & alterations for domestic and non-domestic properties. We include photos of the existing when preparing application for submission, these include ground and aerial photos, this helps case officers when determining an application.

We contacted Scott and requested his help with identifying the extent of crop damage during this year’s harvest, due to inclement weather. During their visit they also managed to film new implements that were on demonstration within our contracting side of the business.



Some of our Work

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