Developer site progress

We cover sites for clients all over Scotland, recording before and after footage and we also return at certain stages as the projects progress.

Having photos on record helps management teams to view progress and make notes based on the footage, staged record reports to avoid disruptive inspection works at a later date.

Allowing client/investors to view site progress without having to make costly and timely site visits.

Marketing and Website material to show progress that the site is ahead of schedule and under budget.

Editing of footage for promotional purposes, along with a conception to completion video for future reference.

Filming heavy lift equipment

Demonstrating site safety.

Time-lapse footage of site progress.

Providing live footage back to a boardroom meeting without the need to attend sites

Site progress photos for one of our clients over 3 sites in Scotland, with a little planning we were able to film all 3 sites in the one day. The footage was taken for progress and marketing purposes

Images of related projects


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