Cut & Fill

Our client was awarded the contract by BAM for the earth & groundworks for a new educational facility, we were asked by our client if we could provide them with the original ground level (OGL) for the site, and provide them with cut and fill volumes. With our point cloud we were able to produce levels on a 2 metre grid, and provide the volumes for the cut and fill over the site using the site layout plan and the CBR assigned to each section of proposed site.

We provided volumes of the materials that were to be used on site and how much unwanted materials were to be removed from site, from the engineers make up and the CBR capping we again provided the necessary volumes required for the floor make up, road ways, car parking and paths, as well as hard and soft landscaping.

This exercise was also carried out using traditional methods and when compared, both set of results were practically identical, proving that traditional methods of calculating were still accurate, albeit it was a small, level site. But the cost saving on labour was the big difference, with us carrying out the aerial survey, this allowed our client’s engineers, surveyors and estimating team to concentrate on other tasks and speeding up their progress with other projects.

Images of the project


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