Building & Roof Inspections

From the ground it is difficult to know the conditions of external elevations and roofs. With our enterprise drones we can survey any elevated areas in a safe and timely manner. Provide high quality photo and video footage showing any surface defects, the raw footage can then be edited and trimmed to show the affected areas only, saving time sifting through footage.

Our enterprise drones have tripod mode, this is a very slow, steady manoeuvring speed setting which allows us to work in confined spaces to help us carry out aerial surveys in a controlled and safe manor. With our zoom function, we can keep a safe distance from a surface and still collect high quality, focussed footage. We have various sizes of drones to suit all environments, allowing us to carry out inspection work in built up areas safely. All of our aerial survey jobs are priced individually to allow for the clients specific requirements and keeping within the rules laid out by our CAA approval.

A simple aerial roof inspection can give you piece of mind that all everything on your property looks well and no immediate remedial work is required, if these are carried out regularly it helps to keep building maintenance works to a minimum. on one occasion we carried out an aerial survey of a large commercial building roof, when we presented the footage to the client they were shocked to realise that the repair work that they had paid for had not been carried out this is just once example of why it’s important to have footage that you can see with your own eyes so you can trust that there are no issues with your property.

Aerial footage is a great way of logging historic records and for planning future maintenance checks or remedial works, We have the capability to record footage with our thermal, standard or zoom cameras and this ensures that we can cover all aspects of inspection works.

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