3D Models – Digital & Physical

Our 3D models help clients to understand even

the most complex of site with ease.


Aerial Photograph


3D Point Cloud Model


Digital or Physical Model

We can provide a digital 3D model which can be viewed on most mobile devices as well as on desktop PCs, they are a perfect tool for remote clients that would like be kept up to date on their projects. It is also an invaluable asset for any or all developments, site asset management amongst others.

We can also provide physical 3D printed models, our models are printed on a large format FDM printer and are carefully painted using the aerial survey orthomosaic as a colour reference if required. We have repeatedly received excellent feedback from clients about our physical 3D models.

In summary, 3D models provide great value for:

Innovative Technology

  • Communicating with remote colleagues and/or clients
  • Allowing people outside the construction industry to understand an area or project
  • A showpiece of a completed site
  • Historical records
  • Conservation areas & Listed Buildings

Innovative Ideas

  • Flood Plains
  • Costal Erosion
  • Storm Damage to Forestry
  • Quarries
  • Golf Courses – new or remodelling works
  • Architects

Some of our work

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