Tall Buildings & Structure Surveying

A visual inspection of hard to reach places from a SUAV can provide high quality photo and video footage without having to go to the expense of hiring in cherry pickers, scissor lifts, scaffolding or rope access teams. Saving time and money.

We can monitor any work being carried out at heights for clients, more importantly, that the work has been carried out….

Building Safety Inspection Surveys. Churches, Cathedrals, Statues, Bridges, Viaducts, Chimney Stacks.

Inspections for insurance companies, assess damage to help determine a claim outcome.

Wind Turbine Inspections.

Thermal Inspections.

With an increase in awareness of climate issues and a move towards more environmentally friendly options for a significant number of industries and businesses, sources of renewable energy are becoming increasingly popular. Wind turbines offer a very real alternative to the power issues with their renewable clean power source that is readily available all over the country. Whilst wind turbines are becoming an increasingly visible sight on our landscape; there are some issues to this energy source.

The issues with wind turbines…

In the same way as it can be difficult to survey the roof of a tall building to assess its need for repair work or general maintenance, it can be rather tricky to survey a wind turbine as well. Wind turbine generators and rotor blades are fully exposed to the weather and because of their elevated position are very much at the mercy of the elements which can obviously vary dramatically. It is imperative that regular checks are undertaken so that any necessary work can be carried out to ensure not only the smooth functioning of the wind turbine but also the safety of those people on the ground due to sheer weight of the parts and their height.

….solved via drone surveying

Wind turbine surveying using drones offer the best, and the safest option in terms of being able to survey at heights without needing specialist safety equipment for the person doing the surveying. Footage can be recorded from every angle allowing for minute scrutiny of the wind turbine. This can, of course, be paused and rewound to examine any issues further. Live feed drone footage offers the opportunity for any areas of concern to be instantly identified and examined in greater detail so that a full picture can be built up of precisely what it is that needs doing. All of this is done in the safest and best way by fully experienced drone pilots who can ensure that their drone takes images from the best angles.

Clear images of your survey target

Whilst adverse weather conditions may be problematic when looking at wind turbines, the right drone will be able to compensate for some of the weather conditions it will encounter, ensuring that the footage that you receive will include the clearest, sharpest images possible. Why not look into the benefits of aerial wind turbine surveying with us – we’d be glad to talk it over with you.

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