Construction & Development

  • Pre-Site Planning before immobilizing of Plant, Workers & Temporary Compounds.
  • Soil Bunds and Stock Material.
  • Photography or Video for site progress/planning or Phased Developments.
  • 3D models of your site as it progresses to use at meetings or discuss with investors.

Infrastructure overlaid onto photos for site meetings, Site Access, One Way & Site Exit Arrangements to inform workers and site visitors. Capture 3D Models or Maps for Progress and Planning of a site or project from Aerial Photos and Footage.

When it comes to building surveying, or indeed land surveying videos of sites where construction may be taking place, it is very important to be mindful of the wellbeing and safety of those who are using the site. It is also essential to evaluate the condition of a site, or existing building, in order to see if construction work can commence. Professional surveys can be lengthy and detailed checks must be carried out of every area of a site of an existing building, including those harder to reach areas, in order for the relevant reports to be written. This process can take a considerable amount of time and can be tricky for a surveyor depending on how easily accessible a site is. Aerial video surveying using qualified drone pilots can be invaluable to companies, checks can be carried out quickly and efficiently, looking at everything from numerous angles to get the most comprehensive picture of what is being dealt with.

Detailed photography from all angles

When it comes to aerial video building surveying one of the main reasons to use drones is in order to obtain images that are crisp and clear on those areas that may be considered more at risk when accessed by foot. These are the areas that a surveyor on foot may have difficulty accessing. This might be a commercial or residential property roof where otherwise extensive scaffolding or expensive equipment might be required to assist with access.

Live video surveying

Drones offer the opportunity to not only record footage, which can be studied later in great detail, but also a live feed option that means that any inspections can be carried out from the safety of the ground, and any problem areas can be checked from every angle as they are spotted. This promotes an increased level of safety as well as costing less.

Making every task easier

Drones can help with a variety of the day to day tasks of a surveyor, everything from full coverage site inspections to the option to provide laser scans of the higher parts of a building. Some of the top drones in today’s marketplace can also deal with a variety of different weather types whilst still providing footage that is of the highest quality. It has never been easier to obtain the information that is needed to complete full and very comprehensive land survey videos of a construction site or existing buildings.

If you’re interested in building survey by drone, then SR Aerial could help. Why not get in touch to find out more?

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