Access to almost any place

Due to their size, drones can access many areas that other methods of aerial video simply cannot. This technology and accessibility make aerial video production a convenient tool for a wide variety of industries. Aerial footage is very popular with sporting venues who are looking to promote their facilities to potential clients, or exclusive sites that want to really sell their facilities to customers using the internet for a 360-degree tour.

Damage assessment

Aerial footage can be used as far more than just a promotional tool it can also be used to provide valuable footage of difficult to access areas of the countryside in order to assess any damage that might have occurred following a period of bad weather. The information gathered can then be used to evaluate the damage and put together a plan of action regarding any repair work that might need doing. If you have a difficult-to-access site that you need to survey, then aerial video offers a very convenient solution to any access issues you may be having.

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